Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Best Anti-Perriello, Anti-ACES Editorial Ever (updated)

Thank you, John Barnhart (Bedford Bulletin), for this awesome editorial. Any column that uses an anectdotal conversation and Facebook statuses to support its over-arching claim is priceless. Money quotes:
Thank you Tom Perriello — for stabbing the working people of the 5th District in the back.

On June 29, 41 House Democrats had the courage to stand up to Supreme Leader Nancy Pelosi. They voted against her cap-and-trade energy bill. Congressman Perriello was not one of them. He voted for this nightmare, which narrowly passed the House of Representatives by seven votes.
Don Perriello de la Mancha, seems to think all these unemployed workers will find jobs, just as good as the ones they lost, building windmills. However, the “green” jobs that Congresman Perriello envisions may never develop, or they may not develop in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District. Then, there is the issue of retraining displaced workers. Workforce development programs have to train workers for jobs that actually exist, or they are worse than worthless.

So, thank you Tom Perriello for supporting the ideology of your party’s well-heeled elite instead of the economic interests of the 5th District’s working people.
Good times. Good times.

Now, I good for a legitimate discussion on this issue, but this editorial precludes any serious dialogue.

Update: Mark Brooks responds to Barnhart's editorial.


Katie said...

From the article:

A few days later, I was looking on Facebook. Some folks, who live in the northeastern part of the county wrote on a Facebook friend’s wall that, in their part of the country, it still felt like April. In June, it was still raw and wet.

That's some hard-hitting journalism right there. Reminds me of my treatise based entirely on my friends' tweets about the death of Michael Jackson, and how they relate to the current Iranian revolution.

Good stuff.

longwooddemocrat said...

Wow, thank you for pointing this out and the other editorials about ACES. This one takes the cake. I can't believe this qualifies as journalism.

matt said...

come on guys, the first part of this article is clearly meant to be anecdotal. how about actually talking specifics, or refuting this line in the article (and in fact, the crux of the piece) - "Global temperatures have dropped, rather than risen, since the beginning of this decade." that's a true statement based on everything i have read.

further, the quote you highlighted regarding specific job creation in his district is certainly accurate. there is no guarantee those jobs will come home and, as the article states, the people who need the jobs won't have any experience in those fields.

so yeah, this article from a no name random guy isn't the best journalism out there, but hiding behind one or more partisan articles while refusing to talk specifics about this legislation doesn't do the debate any service either.

Anonymous said...

This is fun, just keep supporting a bad bill. You guys make it too easy!

Teri said...

Thanks for this update.

Some people are never happy. I'm glad I know Tom, and know that he is doing EVERYTHING in his power to help the 5th district.

I only wish they would have torn GOODE apart in the same manner...

Virgil would not have lasted as long as he did...