Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Southside House of Delegates Fundraising Numbers (updated)

Here are the fundraising numbers for Southside House of Delegates races, with continued interest in the 58th district race (Bell vs Neff). Since our last report, several candidates have dropped out (1, 2). For more information on the Governors, Lt. Govs and AG fundraising numbers check out Lowell's post.

Candidate (Bold - incumbent) Amount Raised Expenses Cash on Hand
District 9

Charles Poindexter (R) $995 $1,335 $13,471
District 10

Ward Armstrong (D) $32,743 $15,436 $76,837
District 14

Danny Marshall (R) $16,412 $14,327 $29,047
Seward Anderson (D) $23,309 $18,249 $25,517
District 16

Don Merricks (R) $15,425 $296 $32,197
District 58

Rob Bell (R) $74,490 $12,812 $582,210
Cynthia Neff (D) $29,919 $20,838 $83,985
District 60 (open seat)

David Guill (D) $132 $0 $2,472
James Edmunds (R) $19,110
no data $32,645

For the second quarter in a row, Seward Anderson outraised Del. Marshall, though overall, their war chests are relatively equal. Cynthia Neff's haul, while still solid, is surprising compared to her gold rush last quarter, but Del. Bell, with an impressive quarter, still has an ungodly warchest. David Guill turned in another disappointing (non-existent?) quarter, while James Edmunds numbers, for some reason, are still not yet available on-line - though I have seen plenty of his signs in that district.

Update: I found some of James Edmunds' numbers in VPAP's downloadable lists. Don't know why VPAP has his numbers on their list but not on his own page. Importantly, the list just had his funds raised and cash on hand, not his quarter expenses.


Anonymous said...

Dave Guill disappoints yet again...Great guy, terrible candidate

Anderson is a great candidate and should be the only pick-up in these seats.

fishingincrisis said...

The thing with Rob Bell is that in a district like the 58th, considering the relative cheapness of the Charlottesville media market, you hit a saturation point pretty quickly. I think it pretty obvious that Cynthia will never match Rob Bell's astounding warchest, but i do think that Bell has already exceeded the amount the point of diminishing returns, and either won't spend all of his money this cycle or will spend it to no distinguishable result

Drew said...

FIC, great comment. With that theory in mind, how much money would it take for Neff to be competitive against Bell's $600k in the Cville market? Is her current warchest that size? If not, what would it take? She clearly can fundraise.

fishingincrisis said...


Its a hard number to determine, but if I had to ballpark it I'd say something around the $300k mark. Cynthia definitely needs to have two strong quarters to hit that, but as you said, she's a solid fundraiser and there are a lot of people in the Charlottesville area who want to give Rob Bell the Virgil Goode treatment.

Anonymous said...

Drew I made the comment before and i quess everyone thought i had no idea what i was talking about when i said the 60th district democrats must not have really wanted to win if they had they would not have picked Dave Guill. I made a prediction before that Dave Guill wouldn't get 40% percent of the vote. Remember somebody that goes by the name TOH told me i was wrong. Ted Bennett would have been ALOT better choice. Drew you know i was right this time.

Drew said...

FIC, interesting. If your theory is correct, she will need to fundraise like she did last quarter ($90k) to hit that threshold. While she is disciplined in her fundraising, has she saturated her donor base? I am not near the district to know, but I would love your thoughts.

Drew said...


I can only speak for myself. I don't know much about the race, being several counties westward, but at this point, it looks like you might be right. Guill seems to have thrown in the towel. As a Democrat, I wish it wasn't so, but, at this point, there are much more competitive races for Democrats to focus their time, energy, and money on. Like Seward Anderson in Danville.

There is still time to turn it around for Guill, but he has to work hard from this point forward. A drastic course correction. Does he have the desire?

Anonymous said...

Drew you are right their are going to be alot of tight races this year. However the 60th district will not be one this year i tried my best to get Ted Bennett to stay in the race and i was told to butt out we know what we are doing by a Democrat supporting Dave Guill. Well i know Dave and he doesn't have the desire or know how to win. The only thing Guill has done by running for the HOD is caused himself some very stiff opposition for his next BOS campaign. I know of 3 people who say they are going to run against him for the BOS. I wish i would have been wrong this time but i knew i wouldn't be .

CWPNRG? said...

With regard to the missing reports, there's a delay between the actual filing and the posting on VPAP. So if the report is filed with a few hours to spare, it won't show up on VPAP until a day or two later.

Anonymous said...

Dave Guill just quit with only 60 days left.