Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Follow-up: Perriello Unveils Energy Plan

Yesterday, I mentioned that Rep. Perriello held a press conference unveiling his new energy plan for the district. Today, his office released more details on the subject. Money quote:
"Southern and Central Virginia stand poised to lead the nation towards energy independence, and this new commitment is the kind of game-changer our area has needed to regain our competitive edge. Our local entrepreneurs are already the best in the nation at energy efficiency modular homes, bio-fuels, bio-refineries, and nuclear energy. If we have the courage to move from merely surviving to thriving as a region, this can be a homerun for our farmers, advanced manufacturers, and construction industries," said Perriello.
Perriello's "clean energy blueprint" outlines how and why this district can lead the nation in the new energy economy. The plan also offers a vision of a clean energy economy in the Fifth District, as well as offering the benefits of this approach to energy independence. Perriello plans to distribute the document to local elected leaders, administration officials, and entrepreneurs and businesspeople to lobby for bringing investments and jobs to the district. Importantly, the ideas in the plan were the result of the "New Energy Summit" earlier in the year.

The plan, entitled "New Energy for the Fifth District: A Blueprint for putting Southside and Central Virginia at the Forefront of the Clean Energy Economy," can be downloaded here. Please download it and read it! Good stuff.

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Linda said...

I'm very happy he did not mention uranium mining.