Monday, July 6, 2009

Goode running for another office? Doubtful

A local Martinsville radio host, Bill Wyatt, believes that former Rep. Goode is not finished with public service. To Wyatt, if Goode does not decide to run against Rep. Perriello - announcement forthcoming - then Goode might consider other office. Saith Wyatt:
So the question is; Will Goode call for a rematch against Periello, or will he run for another political office? If he were to, I wonder what it would be? Either way, I don’t think Virgil is done with politics yet. Whether he runs for the 5th or whether he goes for something else I think we will see Virgil Goode in an elected capacity somewhere again.
Nevermind the assumption of victory, that Goode will be elected again. I do not know whether Wyatt has insider information or if he is merely speculating on this issue. On this very subject, however, last winter Goode, during a post-election interview, contemplated and dismissed the possibility of running for higher office, especially the governorship:
He has no immediate aspirations to seek another political office.

Being governor would be “the best job you could have” in the state, Goode mused.

But he is not considering running for that post. He said he thinks his years in the General Assembly promoting the needs of Southside and other rural areas of Virginia put him at odds with lawmakers from Northern Virginia.
Now a lot could have happened since last December, but I just don't see it. If Goode doesn't challenge Rep. Perriello, I suspect his career as a public official is over, that he opted for political retirement. Until then, however, let's take Goode at his word.

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