Sunday, July 5, 2009

Danville Register & Bee Defends Rep. Perriello (updated)

Two days ago, the Roanoke Times applauded Rep. Perriello for his "principled stand" on ACES, and today, the Danville Register & Bee defended Perriello for his vote. The Letters to the Editor against him have been relentless, and the editorial staff shares these writers concerns. But:
But anyone who thinks Perriello — a man who has worked in this community’s soup kitchens — would blindly support a bill that would add hundreds or even thousands of dollars to our energy bills just doesn’t know our congressman. No member of Congress would vote to do that.
This bill, continues the editorial staff, would create and foster a new green energy economy, already budding in parts of Southside. The NRCC, "smell[ing] political blood," won't mention these local projects; they are obfuscating the truth with "wildly fluctuating costs estimates" and the fear of a national energy tax. Concludes the Register & Bee:
It took a lot of political courage — and guts — for Perriello to support a bill that’s so widely misunderstood. Maybe voting to give money to NASA in 1962 cost some congressmen their jobs, too.

How smart was that?

Update: The Bedford Bulletin offers their opinion on the matter. While I can not claim to be an expert whatsoever on ACES, this opinion is utterly devoid of both basic background knowledge of the legislation and its positive effects for Southside. Wow. Just wow.

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