Monday, July 13, 2009

Perriello's Book Review, JFK and Obama

Yesterday, Rep. Perriello reviewed the book The Making of a Catholic President, by Shaun Casey, for the Washington Post. In the review, Perriello relates some of his campaign experiences, especially those revolving around the excitement of electing the first African-American President, with Casey's portrayal of the nation's interest in electing the first Catholic President. Money quote:
The brilliance of the Obama and Kennedy campaigns may have been each candidate's ability to ask voters to put their faith in what they might not be ready for; to make them wonder if Americans could transcend bigotry; and then to convince them that, in order to face the daunting future, they must.

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Frugal Pro said...

Using the word brilliant in the same sentence as our current president's name is a bit contradictory, no? Ability to manipulate isn't a symptom of brilliance.

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