Saturday, July 25, 2009

Gone Fishing: Shutting Down "Dem Bones"


I must regretfully, but hopefully temporarily, discontinue Dem Bones. This past week, I was offered a wonderful job opportunity, and because of the nature of the position, the time and energy necessitated therein, I will no longer be able to actively blog here. And just when I was hitting my stride, gaining national exposure!

The purpose of this blog was to report, in a fair-minded fashion, local and national politics, cultural and demographic trends, and pressing theological issues. I tried to create, foster, and facilitate an atmosphere where differing, oftentimes opposing, viewpoints can discuss important contemporay issues. I feel that I - that we! - have been successful in that endeavour.

I have truly enjoyed this experience, finding and gaining confidence in my voice. While my writing here has also provided a sense of escape from the stressors of my newly previous job, nowhere have I been most rewarded than by this community. I have been immensely proud of all of you - a diverse group, both theologically and politically, of sisters and brothers with one common goal: to transcend our polarized culture and to engage, genuinely, in fruitful dialogue with each other. We didn't have to agree - in fact, we seldom did! - but we did try to get to the heart of the issues, to emerge past the vitriolic grenade-lobbing all to commonly employed by both sides of the ideological divide. And we did it respectfully. Thank you for letting me get to know you, to grow through deeper understanding.

In leaving, I would ask that we all carry this ethic forward. We have much more in common than we have in difference. Recognize that people of differing worldviews are good, well-intended people, loving of God and nation, hopeful of humanity, and desirious of a prosperous, safe community. Especially for our children and the ensuing generations, we all want to leave the world in better shape than we recieved it. Our differences, important and valid to be sure, are minor in comparison to these over-arching commonalities. While it is all too easy, cognitively speaking, to revert back to our polarized and politicized stations, when relating with others please be mindful of this truth. Do not let our disagreements divide and embitter us, but shape and mature us, together in common purpose.

Thank you for reading this blog, for your time and for your attention. Until we meet again, grace and peace be with you.



Tripp said...

well i guess you getting the position you wanted it cool, but on the inside tripp is saddened that he won't know what is running through Drew's head on a daily basis.

A Faithful Reader said...

I will miss your blogging and miss the quality reporting you provide. What ever it is and where ever it leads you, I hope it will be all you hope it will be.

Looking forward to your return . . . until then God bless.

matt said...

drew, i'll miss you, but i'll miss matt f. the most. ;)

peace brother.

Matt F. said...

Its been fun my friend. I guess I will have to find a new homepage for my web browser now. I'm thinking Brenda Bowers' blog. Good luck on the new campaign. Peace.

P.S. Thanks for the shoutout Matt. Maybe we should start a blog together. Now there is differing viewpoints.

Pat Carr said...

Best of luck Drew. I hope to run into you in your new position. Mike & I have really enjoyed your blog and we will miss your posts and the interesting comments you generated. It was a delight for me to have my two favorite topics in one blog and both handled in such a respectful way. You not only kept me informed but you expanded my mind. Thanks, again and if you get a chance let me know how you kept us so up to date on Tom. You were my source for keeping the Lake Dems informed on all things Tom.

Katie said...

Drew, you know how I feel about this blog. "Fabulosity" might well cover it. Maybe. :-)

That said, Matt F. and matt: DO IT. It would make my liberal heart all a-flutter. :P

Kent H said...

Drew, I really hate to see Dem-bones go away. I have enjoyed the Matts, Darren Staley, Katie and the rest -- and the debates and discussions generated here -- if nowhere else. You did a great job.

Early on, I was a stark minority here (conservative and all) but I never felt really attacked -- only challenged and that made me re-think my views and see other views personally. I really appreciated the chance to discuss domestic abuse with Tripp. Thanks guys, it was really great.

P.S. Matt, Matt, if you do the new blog - drop it out to us. I'd love to get on board.

CWPNRG? said...

Well, I did know about this prior to it happening, but it's always difficult when it happens.

And I am slightly (actually highly) pleased my scoop was accurate. Let's get drinks sometime.

Also, I'm going to have to get a new user name now if you continue blogging after the election...

Hank said...

Sorry to see this excellent blog slow down or move on. I have enjoyed and been inspired by your posts!

Anonymous said...
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Mike Signer said...

Drew: We'll be very sorry to see you go (hopefully temporarily). You've been a great voice on the Virginia Democratic scene. But congratulations on the new job!

Mike Signer

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Anonymous said...

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