Monday, June 1, 2009

Southside Q2 House of Delegates Fundraising Numbers

Here are Q2 (April 1 - May 27th) fundraising numbers for candidates for the House of Delegates, mostly from the Southside, but with a shout out to the hot race up in Albemarle (Bell vs. Neff). Also, there is a strong race going on in Danville (Marshall vs. Anderson). Of course, all information compiled for this table is courtesy of the Virginia Public Access Project. Importantly, for some reason, some candidates did not (yet?) have data available on-line. If you are looking for Gov, LG, or AG fundraising numbers, check out Lowell's post.

Candidate (Bold - incumbent) Amount Raised Expenses Cash on Hand
District 9

Charles Poindexter $4,242 $11,164 $13,811
Sherman Witcher no data no data no data
District 10

Ward Armstrong $53,122 $41,997 $59,530
District 14

Danny Marshall $25,415 $8,802 $26,963
Seward Anderson $44,218 $3,607 $20,457
District 16

Don Merricks $2,302 $5,390 $17,068
Shawn Palmer no data no data no data
District 58

Rob Bell $55,805 $16,908 $520,532
Cynthia Neff $89,966 $15,061 $74,904
District 60 (open seat)

David Guill $3,592 $1,352 $2,340
James Edmunds no data no data no data

If I am missing candidates, or there are races you would like me to track, please let me know in the comment section.


Drew said...

For transparency and clarity, Seward Anderson's fundraising numbers, for some reason, were not available on-line. I contacted the campaign for their numbers, and I posted the numbers that I received from them.

Anonymous said...

It does not matter if Dave Guill raises a million dollars he still is going to loose. Please remember i said this i love saying i told you so. There will be some very interesting news coming out next week on Mr Guill.

Anonymous said...

The VPAP has updated the fundraising figures now

Anonymous said...

What no updated figures yet? Is there a reason why?