Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Palmer drops out of HoD 16 Race, Merricks Now Unopposed

The Danville Register & Bee confirms rumors I have heard, specifically that Shawn Palmer, political novice, is dropping out of the race against Del. Don Merricks (R-16). Saith Palmer:
"At this time,” Palmer said, “it’s just not in the best interest for me to start an initiative that will take time — time that I do have, but mentally I don’t have the full time and devotion that it takes to give to the voters and campaign staff."
“The fact that I came into this campaign so late in the game — I don’t have the equipment that I need to mount a serious campaign. With those odds at my back, I’ve decided to suspend my campaign indefinitely.”
As such, Merricks is now unopposed. Palmer, who still eyes a political future, will seek a Board of Supervisor's position in Pittslyvania County in 2011.


Anonymous said...

Palmer made a smart move he knew he could not win

Anonymous said...

If Dave Guill has any common sense he will do the same before he wastes any more of his time and money.I predict he will not get 40% of the vote.

Anonymous said...

40% i bet he wont end up with 30% he is a go along with anything that comes along yes man