Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dem Bones - Introduction and Purpose

Welcome to Dem Bones!

My name is Drew Lumpkin and I am a theological and political junkie. I graduated with my Masters of Divinity degree in 2006. Among other subjects, my educational focus centered on the examination of the Separation of Church and State, Christian Ethics and Public Policy, and the relationship between religion and violence. Immediately following my graduation, I entered the realm of politics and managed a congressional campaign in NC-5 (Roger Sharpe). Just this past year, I worked as a Regional Director for Tom Perriello, our new Congressman in VA-5, in his electoral upset of Rep. Virgil Goode!

I am a Progressive Democrat, and Dem Bones will present this political ideology. Because of my brief history in congressional campaigns, I admit a small bias towards the politics within Southside Virginia and Northwest North Carolina. I was born and raised in the Christian tradition and attended the progressive Wake Forest Divinity School; although my writings are influenced by my background and experiences, I am a strong advocate for religious openness and dialogue.

This weblog is devoted to exploring religion, politics, and their interaction - with, I am sure, many diversions and sidetracks along the way. I hope that you enjoy our journey together in this endeavor.



The Omnimodern Epoch said...

welcome to the blogosphere - i subscribe

Joel McDonald said...

Having the same interests in divinity and politics, I look forward to keeping up with your blog, and perhaps working with you in southside Virginia.

dembones said...

Thanks Mike and Joel!

Darren Staley said...


I look forward to reading the blog and discussing these issues. My best wishes to your success!