Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Burn the heretic!

My classmate and friend, Chad Crawford, is a heretic, because he wants church congregations to become energy efficient and lower their carbon footprints (h/t Homebrewed Christianity). Anathema!

Hopefully, this should comfort Chad. The Vatican's stance on Galileo is changing. Seems that 400 years - and an undeniable body of evidence - have softened the hearts of the Catholic Church. They are even considering granting Galileo "Patron" status for the dialogue between faith and reason.

Chad, give it time. You might not be in the eschatological in-group right now, but you will be a cool kid again someday.

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Chad said...

Great comparison. A side note related to Galileo: Copernicus helped pave the way for questioning religious authority to bring on the advances of the Modern era, right? The shadow side of it all is that those discoveries have also led to our situation today. Studying the universe like a machine has produced a level of hubris and disenchantment. The result is that science is dissociated from art and morality.

So what surprises me about the good folks over at A Little Leaven is that they maintain a Modern lack of awe and appreciation for the world combined with a pre-Modern reaction to scientific discovery. It would be nice if it were the other way around, if we regained reverence for the universe and a sense of mystery, accepted what science is telling us about the climate, and channeled it all into questioning the products of scientific authority dissociated from morality, namely capitalism and consumerism.