Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bush doesn't take the Bible literally

Thanks for clearing that up, W. (CNN's take on the subject)

We know that you are on your legacy tour right now, interviewing with the national television syndicates (ABC's Nightline in this case) to repair your damaged image. We know that you and your party were (and still are) beholden to the Religious Right and social conservativism. Now that your administration is over, we know that you can speak more freely, unaffected by electoral consequences.

But, did you have to lead us into eight years of culture wars, founded on literal interpretations of the Bible? If you don't interpret the Bible literally, why did you govern so?

On another note, with abysmally low approval ratings, I am sure that you just upset probably the only group that still holds you in esteem.

Update: I love this part of Paul Raushenbush's response (
It is worth noting that his beliefs on biblical literalism, religious pluralism, and evolution are just coming out now. Contrary to popular belief, George Bush is no dummy. During the last eight years Rove and Bush have cynically allowed fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals to project their world view onto the president [sic]. In his last month in office, he may be seeing that fundamentalism, while useful to him in office, is not something he wants to carry with him into civilian life, or believes should be promoted within American society.

... This interview reveals that someone can have an authentic religious experience without the burdens of Biblical literalism, anti-science suspicions and Christian triumphalism.

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