Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My VA Political Round-up

Today's Martinsville Bulletin has an article in which local supporters urge Rep. Goode to run again in two years. Goode is not ruling it out: "I'm not saying yes, and I'm not saying no." I could be very wrong here, but I just don't see it (Update: see 220South's more thorough analysis, to which I agree). Part of this election was a repudiation of his negative campaign and out-of-touch stances, especially on illegal immigration (anchor babies, anyone?). And it is even crazier to think that he would take a step backward and run against State Senator Roscoe Reynolds (D - Henry County), a rumor I have heard; he would have to wait an extra year, as Reynolds isn't up for re-election until 2011.

Terry McAuliffe is in
. I already knew this, because one of my friends is going to work for him in January. But now the Democratic Gubenatorial field is set with McAuliffe, State Sen. Creigh Deeds, and former State Delegate Brian Moran. Now that the 2008 election cycle is over, people are focusing on this race and starting to choose sides. Take for example the discussions over at BlueCommonwealth: a diarist against McAuliffe; a diarist for Moran; an ex-Deeds supporter turns Lean Moran.


Anonymous said...

Reynolds ran for and won Goode's State Senate seat when Payne retired and Goode ran for and won his seat in the U.S. House. Reynolds was never present to support Perriello in his bid against Goode. In fact, Reynolds has never supported an opponent of Goode. I couldn't imagine Goode repaying the favor to an old friend by running against him. Maybe Reynolds intends to retire.

Drew said...

Excellent points.

Although, I have no reason to believe, in one way or another, about Reynolds' intentions to retire.

Billy Jack said...

Most importantly (and I'm stunned to find this not mentioned), Goode resides in Robert Hurt's district, not Roscoe Reynolds'. I'd prefer to be in Hurt's district too.

Goode appears to have lost his affection for "old friends" Reynolds and Armstrong. Good Ol' Boys Club members Reynolds and Armstrong are establishment. The Democratic Party can never be the party of the people as long as men like Reynolds and Armstrong are around.

I hope Reynolds doesn't retire but loses, he deserves the public repudiation...if only a good candidate would emerge.