Sunday, December 28, 2008

Unshackling the Governor

Virginia is the only state in the nation that will not allow its governor to run for consecutive terms. Today's Roanoke Times editorial argues that it is time for a constitutional amendment to allow governors that second consecutive term. Their main point:
... Virginia is not better for [one term governors]. Governors are forced to plot short-range, tactical advances in pursuit of what they think should be the state's long-range, strategic goals. The chance that a succeeding governor will build on the work of the last can be hindered by partisanship and each executive's desire to leave his own imprint on the office.
When I last met gubernatorial candidate Brian Moran in Martinsville a couple weeks ago, he seemed to believe that such a potential amendment could garner enough legislative support to pass for a public vote within the next several years. Virginians, he thought, would vote for this constitutional change. Moran noted that if such an amendment were to pass, it would not benefit the then-sitting Governor.

Sounds good to me. And, I'm okay with the idea of a Gov. Moran too.

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