Wednesday, December 17, 2008

VA-5 race officially over

Sorry to have been absent the last several days. I have been taking care of personal business, and I have been involved with the recount (in Henry County) for Tom Perriello the last couple days.

On that note, today the recount is over. Tom Perriello has been officially elected to the House of Representatives. Cvllelaw states that Goode gained 18 votes during the recount, leaving a 727 vote margin. Money quote from his campaign's press release:
"I'm gratified that after an exhaustive democratic process, we now can say with certainty that this election is over, and the fifth district has asked me to fight for jobs and economic relief in Washington. I am humbled that the voters have entrusted me with this sacred duty, and I am eager to represent the entire district as we work together to put our communities back on the path to economic revival."
Waldo Jaquith's take and his money quote:
The Fifth District is Democratic. The majority of Virginia’s congressional delegation is now Democratic. Goode has lost. Hell has frozen over. Life is good.
I'm perfectly okay with both Goode losing and Hell ceasing to function, although I am more excited that Tom won.

Congratulations Congressman-Elect Perriello! Tonight we celebrate ... literally. There might be a fisty dance.

Update: Jim White talks with Tom shortly after the announcement.


Roland the HTG said...

let it not be forgotten how much mr. lumpkin here contributed to tom knocking off rocky mount's most famous odious bigot. congrats and thanks

Matt F. said...

long time overdue, but great job drew.