Sunday, December 28, 2008

Goode Reflects

The Martinsville Bulletin has a post-election interview with Rep. Goode. Goode is proud of his legislative independence, and he hearts Tom Tancredo and Ron Paul. But, this struck me:
Goode said he thinks his lack of support for immigration measures prompted people nationwide who favored the measures to contribute to Perriello’s campaign.
I am glad he could finally admit that, a refreshing difference from his previous scary-New-York-liberal-lawyer-money-out-to-steal-an-election stance.

Goode also said that being govenor is the "best job you could have" in Virginia. He said he is not interested in the position, but I don't like to hear Goode throwing out such ideas. I pray that this isn't a trail balloon. I don't think so, but still.


Doug said...

I just went back and read the Goode interview. Thanks for pointing it out- I'd missed it somehow. Other than the things you pointed out, the other thing that was very interesting to me was the "laundry list" of things he'd do different in the campaign if he could go back. I'm sure I know what some of them are. I'd love to hear what Virgil thinks they are, though. I would hope that his #1 would be to tone down the negativity and false ad hominem attacks. It made the incumbent, who was up 34 points, look desperate and frantic.

Anonymous said...

Did you read this morning's Bulletin articles re: the earmarks Virgil has secured for Martinsville-Henry County? First off, they glossed over the fact that neither of them appears to have been approved yet. And could it be any more apparent how devastated the folks at the Martinsville Bulletin are that he lost?