Friday, May 15, 2009

Boucher endorses key Climate and Energy legislation

Politico has an article highlighting Rep. Rick Boucher's agreement to back Rep. Waxman's important climate and energy legislation. Boucher's endorsment is integral for this viability of this legislation, as he is seen as a leader on this issue. Money quote:
But Waxman and Markey eventually got what they wanted: an emphatic yes from Boucher, a coal country Virginian whose backing is critical for the ambitious global warming measure.

The meeting was the culmination of several months of tough negotiations, where Boucher — who became the chief negotiator for roughly a dozen skeptical Southern and Midwestern Democrats on the Energy and Commerce Committee — pushed California’s Waxman and Massachusetts’ Markey to include special protections for manufacturers, automakers and other industries in their bill.

“I intend to vote yes, and I intend to encourage all other members of the committee to do the same,” Boucher said.

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