Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rapping Conservative Principles

The "Young Cons," two college guys rapping conservative principles, are, to my knowledge, the first official pioneers of Michael Steele's hip-hop-itazation of the Republican Party.

In a "battle," a head-to-head loser-go-home rap contest, between progressives and conservatives, I'll take our skillz - with the likes of - over theirs every day of the week.


Katie said...

Okay, my favorite line: Everyone can succeed cuz our soldiers bleedThat's somewhere between horribly offensive and awesomely bad. I'm just hoping that this was some kind of prep school homework assignment... cause these guys sure as hell aren't going to make a career out of that.

Also, I especially like the part at the end where there's almost a full minute of nothing whatsoever.

matt said...

considering their starting point, i thought it wasn't too bad. i knew the "soliders bleed" line would draw some attention, even though it's true of course.

matt said...

oops, "soldiers".

Drew said...

Good to have you back, matt.