Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Quick Southside Political Round-up

Yesterday, Creigh Deeds visited Martinsville and State Senator Roscoe Reynolds endorsed Deeds' gubernatorial candidacy.

Lt. Gov. candidate Mike Signer also visited Martinsville and talked jobs, the new energy economy, uranium mining, and other important campaign issues.

Last week, Martinsville Vice Mayor Kimble Reynolds endorsed gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe (1, 2).

According to the Washington Post, the Franklin County GOP chair, Bill Stanley, is vying for the state RPV Chairmanship, running against Pat Mullins.

State Delegate Don Merricks (R-Pittslyvania) announced that he will seek re-election (1, 2). Importantly, he is currently running unopposed.


Anonymous said...

I have to admit, Merricks is the only Republican I respect. I don't often agree with him, but he is thoughtful, and truthful.

Drew said...


While I have not met Merricks, I have heard a similar sentiment from several staunch Democrats.

longwooddemocrat said...

I would like to add that there are some key Delegate races in southside. In the 60th (Halifax, Farmville, Burkeville) David Guill is running in an open seat (Fmr Del. Hogan). A website will be up soon, but your readers can visit

Disclaimer: I am a staffer on Guill for Delegate