Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Missing Link, Google, and Angry Christians (updated)

Great catch by Chad over at Homebrewed Christianity.

Yesterday, scientists announced the discovery of a 47 million year old fossil, nicknamed Ida, a predecessor to homo sapiens. This fossil is being heralded as "the missing link," definitive proof of evolution.

Google, notorious for changing their logo to match events and festivities, changed their logo to celebrate the discovery.

Some Christians, however, were angry and disgusted with Google over the logo.

Update: Hopefully Christians can celebrate this discovery, a 3,000 year old jar handle, the oldest pottery shard with a Hebrew inscription found on the Mount of Olives.


T A O said...

Boy, if the world ends tomorrow, how much time have we waisted getting angry at google. I can't. Why? 'Cause I love their free Google 411 information!! LOL

Plus, what's the big deal? So, evolution is evolution, it still doesn't mean that God did not make every little thing...

Thanks Drew.

You are now my CNN!!

Alicia said...

Drew-was unable to view your 'angry and disquested' link.

Jesse said...

Insert awful missing link pun.

Jesse said...
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Jesse said...

Uff, maybe I should have made that last comment anonymous.

Sorry, Drew.

Drew said...

i thought your joke was appropos. appears that the link has now changed. it worked the other day. try clicking through the link to chad's post, then the "disgusted link" on that post and see where it all takes you. that is where i saw the incredible comments. might be another click or two, but they were interesting. sorry the link no longer works.