Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Perriello Quick Hits

Rep. Perriello's amendment to limit credit card promotional rates, part of the Credit Cardholder's Bill of Rights Act of 2009, is set to become law. Saith Perriello:
I’m proud to have authored this amendment to protect consumers because I’ve talked to too many 5th District families who have been blindsided by these teaser rate gimmicks and unfair fee hikes. This common-sense legislation is a major victory for those working families who play by the rules but are struggling to make ends meet.

Perriello voted for HR 2352, the Job Creation Through Entrepreneurship Act. This bill is:
a major effort to give established small businesses and entrepreneurial start-ups the needed tools and resources to thrive, create jobs and drive economic growth.

The Hill has a Q&A with Rep. Perriello, his likes and dislikes of Washington, weirdest constituent request, least favorite household chore, guilty pleasure, etc.

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