Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Former Newspaper Editor Praises Perriello

Bernard Baker, a retired editor for the Danville Register & Bee, wrote a letter to the editor praising the hard work and dedication of Rep. Perriello. Baker begins:
Some people in the Danville area still haven’t gotten over the stinging upset that took place in the 5th District congressional race last year.

Like it or not, Rep. Tom Perriello is our new representative, and he has spent his first few months in office tending to the needs of the 5th District. He wants to make sure we’re not left behind. And he’s off to a tremendous start.
Baker, then, bullets Perriello's early accomplishments: record stimulus money coming to Danville - with emphasis on the Robertson Bridge - his hard work for area veterans, his criticality of the earmark process, his efforts to bring green jobs to the area, and his work to fight credit card companies. To which Baker concludes:
Rep. Perriello has accomplished a lot for our area during his first 100 days, but he said he would work a double shift in Congress.

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