Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rep. Perriello on Obama's National Security Policies

The NYT has an article today on the growing unease among Democrats, seen especially in today's spending bill, with the Obama administration's approach to national security policies, namely its "open-ended commitment" to Afghanistan and the complicated task of closing of Guantanamo Bay. Within the article, there is this quote from Rep. Perriello:
The difference between the last administration and this one is the difference between night and dawn,” said Representative Tom Perriello, a freshman Democrat from Virginia. “But we’re looking for day.” (emphasis mine)
The intertubes loved this quote, and it seemingly went viral. Presumably out of praise, The New Republic and Andrew Sullivan each highlighted the quote, as did one Republican blog praising Perriello for his sanity ... I think.


Brenda Bowers said...

No, I was not praising the fools at all. I was making note that perhaps there is a "possibility" of the congress showing some sanity at long last. Just to pause in their mad dash to destroy a nation might mean some of them will take a deep breath and open their eyes to what is happening.

Then again if you continue to read my other posts you see that this hope is hopeless. BB

Matt F. said...

Check out Brenda's blog, Drew. An entirely different world.

Brenda Bowers said...

Mtt F. ALL of my posts are documented, some with the actual government documents when I could find them and they weren't so written as to be almost impossible to read for the legalese. SAs I was bored with trying to decipher them I knew my readers would be also. At those times I give the site of the document and then summarize for my readers.

"An entirely different world"? Yes, it will be if Americans don't wake up in time to do something to preserve our freedoms.

Maybe you can explain The National Emergency Centers Establishment Act (H.R. 645)---my latest post. It is in Coommittee now and the only congressman to speak out against it is Ron Paul. You can see what he says about the bill at and the Sunlight Foundation . BB

Matt F. said...

Hey Brenda! Just read your post about the emergency detention centers/fema concentration camps. I encourage everyone to read that post and decide for themselves whether you are in any way paranoid.

Anonymous said...

Matt F, not at all paranoid, just an old broad telling what she knows and what she thinks. And also on most days when I read what is happening around the world and especially in this country I love so much I am glad to be 68 and having lived in the best of times glad that I won't be around to live thru what the young people are going to have to go thru when those in control of our government have done their worst. As John Adams said, there are two ways to defeat a country, through force and through debt.. We really can not be defeated by force so we can only be defeated thru debt and from within.

My husband is retired military and when we travel we often stay on the bases as they are less expensive than civilian facilities.

Our last trip was two months ago and we stayed at five military facilities. Two of them had a whole lot of building going on out in the boondocks. On one we were driving around looking for an old cemetery we were told was down a certain road. We were stopped by MP's and turned back. I can't ever remember that happening to us before and neither could my husband. Especially when trucks were going down the road as we were coming back.

Besides that my posts are well referenced always.

Might I also suggest you listen to a few videos? there are my posts:

Brain Washing a Nation by a former KGB Agent ( videos) Chilling

Posted by: brendabowers on: May 13, 2009