Sunday, May 17, 2009

Church Sign Sweetness

Victory Baptist Church somewhere in East Tennessee

(h/t WataugaWatch)


Alicia said...

"DEBT=Doing Everything But Tithe"
seen on 58 East.

Hum. Really?

Drew said...

Wow. If you get a picture of it, I would love to post on it.

Could it be the same church on 58, that had "God's Stimulus Package has better benefits"?

Crystal said...

I've been looking at the same one for the past few weeks. Hmmm is right! Drew - it is indeed the very same church that featured God's stimulus package. This preacher is pulling material from a different book than the rest!

Alicia said...

Crystal-are you able to get that photo snapped? I don't have a chance to drive by it.

It is a great conversation piece on so many levels.