Sunday, May 31, 2009

Martinsville Bulletin Endorses Deeds

The Martinsville Bulletin endorses Creigh Deeds for the Democratic gubernatorial primary, employing both the experience and the electability (i.e., the rural candidate) memes. Money quote:
Time and time again, partisanship has blocked progress, and even common sense, in Virginia. It is time for that to end, and we believe Sen. Creigh Deeds is the person who can make that happen.
Of the three Democrats, only Sen. Deeds has served in both the state House and Senate. That gives him experience and a perspective that can be essential to bringing key players in both chambers to the table to resolve critical issues such as transportation.

Of the three, only Sen. Deeds has ties to rural Virginia. He lives in Bath County and formerly lived in Danville. Yet he was endorsed by The Washington Post on May 9 in an editorial that called Sen. Deeds the right candidate for Northern Virginia — and the rest of the state.

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