Monday, May 11, 2009

Quote of the Day

A couple weeks ago, I posted on an article by Robert Wright on religion and globalization. It turns out that the article was a prelude to a upcoming book - out next month - The Evolution of God. Andrew Sullivan reviews Wright's new book, and his review is worth the read. Sullivan concludes with these thoughts:
My own view, as a struggling and doubting person of faith, is that truth matters in whatever mode we find it — but ultimate truth, because we are not ultimate beings, will always elude us. The search for this truth is the point, illuminated in my own faith by Jesus. Humans cannot live without this search, never have and never will. Our consciousness asks questions to which there will never be a complete answer; we are religious because we are human. And the challenge of our time is neither the arrogant dismissal of religious life and heritage, nor the rigid insistence that all metaphysical questions are already answered or unaskable, but a humble openness to history and science and revelation in the journey of faith.

This vision is beleaguered now both within religious life and outside it. But if we are to survive this era of technology with the potential of mass destruction, if we are to endure past the darkness of the Taliban and the religious right, this process of religious reform is not an option. It is a necessity. ...

Amen. Tripp likes this quote also.

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