Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Perriello, Goode Get Another Challenger?

On their blog, the Roanoke Valley Republicans discuss a rumored candidate to possibly run against Virgil Goode and, if victorious in a primary, Rep. Perriello thereafter. They begin discussing that Perriello, because of Obama and Warner's electoral coattails, is the most vulnerable incumbent in the nation; Obama and Warner, the logic goes, pulled Tom across the line, and since they aren't on the ballot to draw out voters, Perriello will lose badly. I have dismantled this theory before, but truth be told, Perriello's re-election will be tough. Republicans, despite their erroneous argument, have already started their assault on Perriello (1, 2), to which conservative-leaning newspapers have even defended Tom (1, 2). VCU's Dr. Bob Holsworth, however, thinks that Perriello will fair much better than Republicans expect.

Back to the rumored candidate. Saith the Roanoke Valley Republicans:
His name is Cordel Faulk. He's a lawyer, Virginia political commentator and Richmond Times Dispatch columnist. He's a 33-year old, conservative African American with degrees from Virginia Tech and UVA Law. If elected, Faulk would be the first black Republican to represent Virginia in Congress since Reconstruction (how embarrassing is that fact?).

Here's my take on Faulk's candidacy. First, the 5th is shifting away from Franklin County towards Charlottesville and this is Faulk's "neck of the woods." Second, Faulk is very accomplished and, at only 33, brings an energy that would be exciting. Third, let's face it, the African American turnout, especially in Southside, was a HUGE factor in 2008. I hate identity politics but it's just a fact that an African American R would, at the very least, add a new element to the equation.
With Virgil Goode strongly rumored to be re-running (1, 2), Bradley Rees throwing his name in the hat, and several other potential rumored candidates - not including Faulk - this Republican field is quickly becoming a party ... well at least in rumors.


Anonymous said...

Good try, but I'm not buyin` it.

I saw too many "NoBama" signs up when Perriello was running. Especially in this 'neck of the woods.'

I'm curious how Virgil is going to get ahold of this guy's photo and darken it to make him look like a terrorist....??? LOL!!

I'm sure Goode will run a trace on this new guy and scream anchor babies or illegal alien, or he was somehow related to Nancy Pelosi.

I think by election time, Congressman Perriello will have dug his feet in the sand from all the good things he has done, and it will be hard to rock his world.

Plus, people like me will be helping him maintain his seat.

(Promise, not a threat.) LOL


Anonymous said...

He better dig really deep if you think Obama and Warner did not help him get elected you are a fool