Sunday, January 18, 2009

Arizona Cardinals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

I'm an NFC fan by nature, and I've admired Larry Fitzgerald since his days at the University of Pittsburgh. But, I just don't see how the Cardinals can beat the Steelers. The Steelers defense is too good.

Who you got in the Super Bowl?


Darren Staley said...

This will be an interesting game. The Cards almost let Philly come back and beat them, but Pitt did the same with the Ravens. Is Pitt's defense that good, or was Baltimore's offense that bad (I say a mix of both).

My guess is that the point spread will be Pitt -4, with Pitt -7 not out of the question.

In that scenario, I take the Cards all day long. Here is why:

Warner's experience.

Zona's franchise history.

The "we weren't supposed to be here" factor.

Hines Ward's injury.

Popular consensus will be pro-Steelers.

Big Ben is not 100%, imo.

Warm weather team playing a cold weather team in warm weather.

My pick: Zona 27, Pitt 17.

P.S. For any gamblers out there, I have one rule that I always follow: Do not take an underdog on the road (and the Super Bowl in on the road for both teams) unless you think they can win outright.

P.P.S. My final score aside, if the over/under is more than 40, take the under.

P.P.P.S. I have been wrong so far on every playoff pick but two. Full disclosure.

Drew said...

Yeah, Baltimore's offense is bad. Joe Flacco doesn't have any weapons around him. Pittsburgh had the Defensive Player of the Year in Hairston and Palumalu has always been great.

I will be rooting for the Arizona Fitzgeralds, but I just think Pitt is too big a team. I hope that I have to eat crow.

Chris F said...


Ray Brown got tickets to the SuperBowl prior to Thanksgiving. I've got to root for Pitt just because he might drink himself to death down there if they lose.

Anyone taking the Steelers... ask yourself if Roethlisberger couldn't pull a Delhomme. You know you could see that happening.

Chris F. said...

Early line is Pitt -6.5. Good guess Darren. It should probably go down from there though.

Max said...

Heath Miller is a beast (Wahoowa)...Go Steelers.

Vince said...

Steelers. I think their defense really is that's because of Polamalu (spelling?) and company that I won my fantasy football league.

Kent H said...

Hey guys,
Just to add my 2 cents. The fact is the Arizona Kurt's were an underdog in both NFC playoff games and they heard how Carolina would win -- how Philly would win.
These guys get paid too and that's a good way to get a chip on the shoulder. I'd say a 6.5 point spread will be enough to push Boldin, Fitzgerald, etc. etc. to a 31 - 27 win over Pittsburgh.

But hey, I had Carolina and Philly.

James said...

Go Arizona!!

Drew said...

Wow. So far we have a split commentership, 4-3. 4 for Pittsburgh (Drew, Chris F, Max, Vince) and 3 for Arizona (Darren, Kent H, James)

Darren Staley said...

Not to mention Darren and Kent agree for once!

Matt F. said...

Alright, my two cents. First, Arizona in the playoffs. Week one, Arizona beat a wildly overrated Atlanta team at home, where their rookie quarterback did not play well. Week two, Jake Delhomme had the worst quarterback performance that did not involve Favre at St. Louis or Marino at Jacksonville. Week 3, Arizona got a 21 to nothing lead and very well could have lost. On the other side, Pittsburgh has been good all year, and hasn't allowed an opponent a good offensive game in a long time. Pittsburgh has two weeks to figure out Kurt Warner, who has had roughly one good season in the last 6 years. And he likes to fumble and get concussions. Arizona is hot, but the Super Bowl tends to be a business of the best team(especially on defense) carrying the day. Arizona won their Super Bowl last week. I think Pittsburgh gets one for the second hand.

Drew said...

Matt, while I agree with you that I think Pitt is the better team, I would offer a bit of caution. You know of the "On any given Sunday" variety.

"but the Super Bowl tends to be a business of the best team(especially on defense) carrying the day."

Tell that to the New York Giants last year and the New England Patriots in 2001.