Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Your thoughts on yesterday

I wanted to post some of the comments on yesterday's thread on what Obama's Inauguration meant to you. I took the liberty to excerpt the comments for a more compact post here, so I apologize if this does injustice to your comment. Great comments from all of you. Thank you. I am glad that you participated!

Matt F and Darren were astonished by Obama and his speech. First, Matt F says:
I got chills. That's our President now, and one everyone can be proud of.
Then Darren adds:
This is "ask not" plus "the only thing we have to fear" times 10.

This is what I voted for.
Jesse was moved by a profound interaction between Obama and a soldier:
Something about that moment - realizing the responsibilities and the duties that he has assumed; seeing that this human being whom we have become intimately familiar with over these past few years is now at once the President, the Commander-in-Chief, and yet still Barack Hussein Obama, professor, author, organizer, husband to Michelle and father to Malia and Sasha - something about that moment got me more than any speech, prayer, performance, or image of the day.
Yet, several of the comments surrounded the theme of renewal, a fresh start for the nation. From A Faithful Reader:
A new beginning! All things are new again. For me hope returned to our people.
Adds Tripp, regarding his one year old child:
My little one year old boy is growing up in an America more beautiful than the one I was born into.
The inauguration of Obama represents American strength and ingenuity. From Charlottesville Fan:
When a nation sets it's eyes on change, it can be done.

We have moved from "Yes we can" to "Yes we did" on to "Yes we will."
Importantly, we were all proud of inaugurating our first African-American President. According to JCWhite we have much to be proud of, but he says this well:
Today, I watched as Americans of all nationalities, cultures, religious backgrounds came together to show their support for this nations first African-American President. I shared their tears of joy, and their sense of pride as President Obama gave his first speech.
Despite a bad day in D.C. and some quibbles with the inaugural event, Roland the HTG says:
That said, the spectacle was truly something. The impact this day had on so many ordinary, hard-working people should never be forgotten, and never be diminished. Despite my displeasure with certain aspects of the ceremony, the fact that it was being held for a black man truly is a wondrous thing.
Last but certainly not least, Kent H, while also proud of the inauguration, finds beauty in our democratic process:
Today was a good day --inaugurations are. No one transfers so much power with so little tension. May we pray now that the days following this one will be good as well.

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