Thursday, January 15, 2009

McAuliffe and the VA Netroots

I read this in my Google Reader earlier today and was shocked at a coffee-out-my-nose level: the Virginia Netroots hearts McAuliffe apparently. According to the article, gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe has won over our blogosphere; we all are fawning. Nevermind the problematic logic: to win a blogger over, the blogger has to be impressed, yes; but an impressed blogger, doesn't mean the blogger is won over.

I've seen McAuliffe twice in Martinsville. I was impressed at his knowledge, energy, and his dedication. I am, however, still skeptical. And even before he announced his candidacy - during the presidential primaries - I saw McAuliffe's Hawai'ian shirt and rum fiasco on television as embarrassing to our party.

Was I impressed? Yes. Am I won over? No, still a lot of work to do there. And, I think the rest of the blogosphere is still relatively cool on him also.

Update: Quoted in the article, Not Larry Sabato has this sarcastic quick-post.

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James said...

Bottoms up VA Netroots. Relevance is something you have to earn everyday.