Monday, January 26, 2009

Lynchburg News & Advance defends Tom

The Lynchburg News & Advance yesterday published an editorial in which they actually came to the defense of Rep. Perriello. (For those out of district, it is a pretty conservative editorial staff.) As the NRCC is already attacking Perriello, the News & Advance has had enough of ultra-partisan hacks, on both sides of the isle, putting politics over solutions:
Shame on them.


They do a disservice to the nation they profess to love.

America is in desperate need of politicians, nay, of statesmen, who can put aside their philosophical disagreements and work with each other for the good of the country.


Gone is the concept of getting into politics out of a belief in public service. It’s been trampled under foot by goose-stepping hacks of all political stripes who believe that they, and only they, have a lock on the truth.

And America suffers because of them.

All of them.

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