Sunday, January 18, 2009

CLASS Act part of the stimulus bill

Early last week, Rep. Perriello co-authored his first legislative bill, the CLASS Act - a bill that makes it easier to receive tax credits for college tuition. A couple days ago, Perriello learned that his bill is going to be wrapped into the upcoming economic stimulus bill (American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan) and funded for around $12.5 billion. He announced this news yesterday at his swearing in ceremony in Martinsville last night. In a press release, Perriello stated:
“This is a great victory out of the gates, showing that the new Congress is all about moving quickly and producing tangible results for middle-class families. In this tough job market, any American who wants to become more competitive by attaining more education and training should be able to do so, and this bill will make that education more affordable. Investing in education and workforce development is what we need to do to regain our advantage in the global economy. We will make sure that this recovery package is working to benefit working families.”
Again, he has been our congressman for just two weeks. Two weeks.


Darren Staley said...

Education, education, education. Nice work, Tom!

Anonymous said...

Go Tom Go! We are proud of you.