Thursday, January 15, 2009

Quick Perriello points

Rep. Perriello gave his first floor speech today, a minute speech on the economic stimulus package. Jim White has the full text here. Money quote:
I believe our nation's economy will recover only through a visionary strategy for rebuilding America's competitive advantage. That means real, committed investment in our workforce, investment in our infrastructure, and investment in innovation and energy independence. This investment will be the guidance that our constituents need.
Of interest dear NC-5'ers, Rep. Foxx gave her minute speech immediately afterward. Hopefully some of Tom's non-craziness rubbed off.

Also, the SCHIP bill passed the house (289-139), and along with the bipartisan majority, Perriello voted for the bill. Afterwards Perriello released a statement, which you can read at Democratic Central. Vanquishing my aforementioned hopes, Foxx voted against the bill ... again.

Not a bad day.


Matt F. said...

I love the line in the story you link to. After Perriello's entire statement, they run one sentence saying Virgil Goode consistently voted against the legislation. Well, of course he did. What a douche that guy was.

Pat said...

Tom's victory was the biggest upset in the House in many years.

A smart guy who won't forget southside!

James said...

It will take a little longer for the world to understand that the people of VA-5 had Virgil Goode as our Congressman, but we no longer have him as our representative. For many of us he never represented us. Congressman Tom Perriello is our Congressperson now, and we are all well represented by him.

Go Tom and go Drew!!