Wednesday, January 7, 2009

On Day One

Yesterday, I was in DC for a reception for newly sworn-in Congressman Tom Perriello. It was a great event, and I enjoyed catching up with Tom, local Democratic activists, and campaign co-workers. The reception was a great culminating event for me, the memorable and symbolic closure to the hard work of many.

Also stopping by the Representative Perriello's reception: Sen. Jim Webb (who introduced Tom), new Sen. Mark Warner, Congressman Jim Moran, and Congressman Bobby Scott. Gubernatorial candidate Brian Moran was also in attendance, subtly exposing the absences of State Sen. Creigh Deeds and Terry McAuliffe.

The Wasington Post today highlights Tom as a new breed of Democrat. As new representitives are coming from the non-profits and charities, we are seeing a service generation among our national political leaders. On an unrelated but important note, Tom got his committee assignment yesterday: Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. A joyous assignment for the Southside, as these committee members will help shape the upcoming economic stimulus package.


Tripp said...

aweseom. Baby Elgin is glad his 7.77 donation to the campaign on behalf of Baby Jesus pulled Tom through.

Drew said...

Tripp, tell Baby Elgin that is a penny for every winning vote (727) and a candy bar thrown in.