Monday, January 12, 2009

Double-shift: Tom's a legislatin'

During his campaign, Rep. Perriello promised to work a double-shift in Congress, as hard as we work to put food on the table for our family. Today we are starting to see the fruits of that labor. Less than one week as a Congressman, Perriello has already co-authored his first bill, the College Learning Access, Simplicity, and Savings (CLASS) Act. This bill would make it easier for "students and parents to claim tax credits for college expenses." Perriello stated:
“A cornerstone of my economic revival plan is workforce development and education, so I am proud that my first piece of legislation will aim to provide new avenues for funding higher education. Fifth District families need all the assistance they can get in this tough job market, and this bill will go a long way in helping those seeking more education and training,” said Perriello in the news release. “One in four eligible taxpayers do not claim any higher-ed tax provisions because of their complexity. The CLASS Act will consolidate some of these provisions into one easy-to-understand tax credit so that more can benefit. I will fight for this tax credit to be included in the economic stimulus package to make college more affordable for working families,” Perriello added.

We already knew that Perriello was appointed to the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, a super-sweet assignment for us Southsiders. Today, Perriello received another committee assignment: the House Veteran's Affairs Committee. Hopefully this seat translates into bringing a new VA hospital to the area. Of note, 13% of 5th District residents are veterans.

Keep on, keepin' on, Tom!


Pat Carr said...

Thanks for the information, Drew. I am putting together a letter for the Smith Mountain Eagle highlighting what Tom is already doing and this will add some nice points.

Drew said...

Glad I could help! I miss the SML Dems something fierce.

Anonymous said...

wow. i'm blown away by the scale of such dynamic "change" from our new congressman.

Let me see, off the top of my head, we could; abolish the unfair US tax code, enact the fair tax, seal the border, crack down on illegals, drill here, explore alternative energy, end social welfare, end corporate welfare, fix social security, fix medicaid, end government waste, fraud and abuse and what do we get? A tax cut for college.

Off to a thundering start congressman! go get'em!

To me, it kinda' looks like rearranging the deck chairs...