Friday, January 9, 2009


The Franklin News-Post:
Political pundits will debate for a long time to come the reasons why [the Perriello v. Goode] upset happened. Most agree it was a combination of several factors -- the Wall Street collapse, the popularity of Pres.-elect Barack Obama, tons of money pouring into the district to help Mr. Perriello and a general dissatisfaction with incumbents (as evidenced by many incumbents losing around the country).
Swing State Project:
Finally, we were caught off guard by the magnitude of the Obama coattails in Virginia, where we left Glenn Nye (VA-02) and Tom Perriello (VA-05) at Lean R. The polls just weren't there for them, in GOP-leaning turf, but the bluening of Virginia lifted them far enough. (If there's one candidate I'm personally shocked that won, it's Perriello; I was miffed to see the DCCC pouring money into a guy who seemed way too progressive for such a rural and downscale district. Here's one race where I'm super-happy to eat some crow.)
Where do I even start with these?


Katie said...

I think that "sigh" just about sums it up.

James said...

Consider the sources, and be reminded that Congressman Perriello garnered a higher percentage of votes that President-elect Obama.

Drew said...

James, out of curiousity, what, if anything, is your problem with these sources?

James said...


The Franklin News-Post is the local paper for Goode's "home territory." It has much to spin for why he lost to a relative new comer after so many years of being on top. The Swing Vote Project web site seems to indicate they called it for Goode and now has to explain why they came up short. The truth is that Congressman Perriello's victory had many positive assisters but implying that he rode the shirt tails completely of any other candidate is dead wrong. I have lived in what is now VA-5 all my life. I know the people here. I know their feelings, their prejudices, and their dreams. Congressman Perriello met us where we live, where we hope and where we wish to be. He is one of us and we rural types trusted him with our future. I hope you don't mind be writing in your blog. It was your stats that gave me the impression that Congressman Perriello got a higher percentage of our votes than President-elect Obama. I vote for the person, not for the party. This time my neighbors and I saw someone we wanted in Congress and voted for him. The Franklin News-Post spin does not change our response. It is not even our paper up here. The Swing Vote Project wasn't even known about or followed here. What was followed was our hearts and minds. Many of us took a chance on change and got our way. That is why I say, consider the sources. Neither spoke for us then and neither speak for us now.


Drew said...

Well said, James. And I like it that you write here and give your impressions. Thank you.

Sammy said...

Calling us "downscale" is as offensive as Palin distinguishing between "real" and "fake" Americans. I'm not sure what exactly "downscale" is, but it sure as heck doesn't describe me.

And what about all those latte sipping, liberal elites in Cville?

Drew said...

I think, but I am not sure, that by downscale they mean heavily Republican. On a spectrum of very Democratic to very Republican, this district is very red, hence downscale to a Democratic blog. We are PVI R+7, which means that this district generally votes Republican 7 points more than the nation did during the previous presidential cycles. I gather that is what they mean.