Thursday, January 29, 2009

Obama's Super Bowl pick

Other than the Bears, the Steelers are close to my heart," Obama said.


Darren Staley said...

Betting is heavy on the Steelers. The line has been bumped from 6.5 to 7. But I still like the Cards.

Note to gamblers: every time I have disagreed with an Obama opinion, he has been right and me wrong.

Drew said...

Just a reminder. The current readership - or those wishing to stake a prediction - is almost split evenly, 5-3.

5 for Pittsburgh (Drew, Chris F, Max, Vince, Matt F)

3 for Arizona (Darren, Kent H, James).

And as Darren pointed out, he and Kent finally agree on something! Hahaha.

Anyone want to make a prediction, or want change their prediction?

Katie said...

I'll add my voice to the crowd. In lieu of the Lombardi Trophy returning to its rightful home in Green Bay...

I like the Steelers for Sunday.

...this year. ;-)