Friday, January 16, 2009

Inaugural Oath Update

It is as we all thought: A federal judge rejected the injunction from Michael Newdow and Co. to stop the phrase "So help me God" from being used during the Inaugural Oath. According to the Baptist Joint Committee's blog - a leading separation of church and state group - the case is still alive, as the judge did not dismiss the overall case, just the injunction.


Roland the HTG said...

Preventing Obama or any other elected official from using "So help me God" would violate the Free Practice clause, not the Establishment clause. It's not a mandatory part of the oath, last I checked, and is used at the official's discretion/desire. Telling Obama and others they can't invoke the Almighty as they take office is infringing on their right to practice their religion. I agree with Newdow on his opposition to "under God" in the Pledge; he and his cronies are off the deep end on this one, though.

James said...

By the time that the suit goes into court the new president will be long off the platform. This is another flea bite from Newdow and his followers. Spray with the constitutional ointment and good for another four years or so.