Thursday, January 1, 2009

Let's go Hokies! (Updated)

Virginia Tech just beat the University of Cincinnati in the FedEx Orange Bowl, 20-7! The Bearcats scored on the opening drive and couldn't muster anything thereafter. Joy and joyness.

We watched it, and we loved it. Well, at least Baby Jesus and I.

(I had to take down the fight song. Even as a Hokie alumni, I have to admit the lyrics are terrible.)


Goof said...

One can only hope the game is better than the fight song!

Anonymous said...

I was able to leave work early and catch almost all of the game. Did you hear the announcers mention that until this year it had been VT tradition for the seniors not to practice the first three days of bowl preperation? WTF? No wonder it seemed as if (with the exception of the game tonight), Tech was always outcoached and outprepared in these big bowl games. Oh well, at least we won one finally. Go Hokies!

Matt F.

Drew said...

I caught the end of that conversation, so I didn't know what it was in regards too. Argh. Before tonight, what weren't we like 2-7 in the previous nine bowl games? If I was a coach, that is one senior ritual that would have instantly been nixed.