Monday, February 23, 2009

Cashing in on Obama

A low-level Obama Campaign staffer - an unpaid volunteer with a position - who approved comments at is both inflating her contributions to the campaign and raking in oodles of money, upsetting campaign leaders. Yet, like suggests, as many others are already cashing in on the historic election:
So why don't other members of Mr Obama's campaign start cashing in? The window is closing, and it's not like their options are expanding from month to month.
I guess I'm just a slacker.


Katie said...

Damn. Better get on that, then!

Darren Staley said...

I don't like these "tell all" campaign books because, frankly, it's all bull.

Drew and I worked on a campaign together. We bounced ideas around on an almost hourly basis. Sometimes the argument were civil, sometimes not (the not was mainly on my part).

In the end, neither of us, or members of the staff, or even the candidate can ever say for sure that their great idea won the race or that their unused idea lost the race.

These books, articles, etc are merely ego-boosting or face-saving.

While I have discussed my opinions on general campaign themes publicly, I go out of my way not to name names or air out dirty laundry.

Privately, with members of the team, sure. But in the end it comes down to the reputation you leave behind.

My rep is, and Drew can correct me if I'm wrong, is erratic with flashes of genius, stubborn with flashes of conciliation, egotistical with flashes of humility.

This can be said for every politico, with variations of these traits. Nothing to write a book about.