Thursday, February 19, 2009

Populist Perriello

Cvllelaw notices that Rep. Perriello is one of the founding members of the Populist Caucus, the newly formed caucus within the Democratic party. As he also points out, the caucus has six over-arching legislative priorities:
1. Creating Good Jobs and a Secure Retirement: Creating and retaining good-paying jobs in America, providing fair wages, proper benefits, a level playing field at the negotiating table, and ensuring American workers have secure, solvent retirement plans;
2. Cutting Taxes for the Middle Class: Cutting taxes for the middle class and establishing an equitable tax structure;
3. Affordable Healthcare: Providing affordable, accessible, quality health care for all Americans;
4. Quality, Affordable Education: Ensuring quality primary education for all American children, and affordable college education for all who want it;
5. Fair Trade: Defending American competitiveness by fighting for fair trade principles;
6. Protecting Consumers: Protecting consumers, so that Americans can have faith in the safety and effectiveness of the products they purchase.
I hadn't heard that Rep. Perriello had joined this caucus, but I was wondering if he would join it since the initial announcement last week. All of the early membership lists I have seen do not mention Tom's name (see 1, 2, 3, 4), but if it is true, it's a great fit.


Max said...

Sweet...make it rain, Tom!

James said...

If Congressman Perriello is not a member, he should be. The goals are noble and obtainable. The only thing worth noting after this is to make these principles become reality for all Americans.

Darren Staley said...

Sounds great, especially considering that I wrote the bulk of it in 2002 in my candidate recruitment platform. Of course I was laughed at back then and get zero credit now that it has worked. But I'm cool with that.