Friday, February 27, 2009

Perriello v. Goode Rematch

Lowell says that he has been hearing strong rumors of a Perriello v. Goode rematch in 2010. Earlier, I said that I wasn't so sure, but I am starting to change my mind. His ambiguous public statements on the issue, of course, leave the door open. And, the fact that he is in public, however Franklin County, shaking hands for earmarks he secured as a lame duck seems odd, unless he was leaving room to rechallenge Rep. Perriello.


James said...

Say it ain't so!! Just when the region is getting back to believing we will be all right, word comes that Virgil Goode might run and try to take us back to the days of prejudice, greed and corruption.

Virgil needs to get a grip. Then again after so many years being on the public dole he may need the speaking engagements to fill his days looking in the rear view mirror.

Up here he is not missed and will. He may not like the result if he tries to get his old job back.

Get a hobby Virgil, in the end you will like the result better

Can We Please Not Renominate Goode? said...

Lord, help us if he decides he wants it back.
If he gets renominated, it's all over for us. With all due respect to you guys, I'm convinced it took a perfect storm for this district to elect a Democrat, and the only Republican who won't beat Perriello in 2010 is Virgil Goode.
Any challenger, if he/she is wise, will sweet-talk Goode with a cushy sinecure of some sort in exchange for support within the GOP. There are enough people around who think Goode is God (there's only two letters difference) that if he says, "Support Mr. X," they'll do it, and Mr. X gets the nomination handily.
If Goode has gotten it into his head to run again, though... Tom Perriello will be Congressman-for-life.

Drew said...

Can We Please,

I was wondering if you had heard anything, one way or another, about a Goode rematch?

CWPNRG? said...

Drew: The only thing I can really say with 100% certainty (and preserve my anonymity) is that Goode will not be unopposed for the nomination, and I am not the only person within the party who is adamant that he must not be nominated.

Drew said...


I appreciate your anonymity and completely understand you not wanting to tip your hand. I was just curious to see if you had heard if Goode was going to rematch or not. I wanted to be careful and not ask you more than that out of respect to you ... although any information you ever wanted to tell me would also be appreciated. :-)

I'm am glad that Goode would be primaried if he does rechallenge Rep. Perriello. Goode had his run, and it was a good run. Let someone else have their shot, even if I will be rooting - and helping out if I can - for Perriello.