Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Virginia Driver's Licenses

Virginia is going to start rolling out their new driver's licenses this year. I think they look pretty sweet. The major changes will happen both in appearance and distribution. First, for purposes of security the minimization of counterfeiting, they will contain grayscale photographs and a duplicate hologram picture of the person. The main background colors will be difficult to re-create, and they will be made of polycarbonate, apparently uncounterfeitable. Second, the driver's licenses will not be distributed at the local DMV, but will be mailed from a central location. To cut down on any possibility of illegality, your picture is taken at the beginning of the process, and then you will recieve it in the mail, within 5-10 days.

Of importance to us Southsiders, the company that is contracted to make the licences, Canadian Bank Note, opened up a new production facility in Danville.

(h/t Not Larry Sabato)


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... too dainty for my taste.

James said...

Looks like an Easter Parade Pass instead of a driver's License. Oh well I guess we will get used to it. The only thing surer of change is more change. Good to see a little of the money for this new program will go to the folks in Danville.

Drew said...

Hahahaha. I will forever have the phrase "Easter Parade Pass" etched in my mind when I look at my new driver's license.