Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Freedom's Defense Fund Attacks Perriello

So, I literally just got back from Savannah, Georgia, a half an hour ago, and I turned on the television for background noise while I unpacked. The first advertisement that comes on is Freedom's Defense Fund attacking Rep. Perriello for his vote for the stimulus package. The ad is not yet up on YouTube (click here for their other attack ads), but it is currently their only ad on the Freedom's Defense Fund recent ads page. Love the part where they say Tom voted for $355 million in "sexual diseases." Absolutely classy. Nevermind that Tom's CLASS ACT was wrapped into the stimulus bill. Nevermind that the economic policies Freedom's Defense Fund most likely endorses are the ones that got us into this mess.

Part of the Freedom's Defense Fund's mission statement:
FDF stands with conservative, pro-freedom candidates against the radical left and their elitist allies in the mainstream media. We tell the truth about Democrats like Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi that you will not hear anywhere else. We are unyielding in exposing the dangers that these radicals pose to our American way of life.
aznew caught the attack ad and posted on BlueCommonwealth. Money quote:
Hey, [Freedom's Defense Fund's Executive Director] Todd [Zirkle], we’re kind of backwards here in Virginia, and we just don’t have your Washington, DC lobbyist smarts, but we can figure out how the stimulus works, how spending money here will help the economy, how food stamps will feed our hungry citizens, how money for schools will educate our children. So, please tone down your regional bigotry about what we can understand and what might be beyond us.

Also, Todd, your ad uses visual distortion and voice-overs to depict Tom Perriello, one of the nicest and most decent guys you ever want to meet (and I don’t care if you are a Democrat or Republican), as a shady, dishonest character, a distortion reminiscent of some of the unethical editing Virgil Goode did during the campaign.

This ad is not a good way to be welcomed back home in Virginia.

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