Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dem Bones Dialogue Series: Marriage and Domestic Violence

This is the series premiere of the Dem Bones Dialogue Series (background here).

As I have spent most of my divinity education studying the intersection of religion and violence and was an Assistant Director of a local domestic violence shelter, this article deeply affected me. The article gives several theological viewpoints on domestic violence in a marital relationship: condoning divorce in an abusive relationship, separation without divorce, and the submittance to the husband and the abuse, among others. So, I asked a couple of loyal Dem Bones readers and budding ministers, educators, and theologians to provide their viewpoints on this matter. Can one seek divorce if s/he is in an abusive relationship?

I asked readers Kent H and Tripp to kick off this series, both Christians seeking higher ministerial education. Kent H is a conservative evangelical and biblical literalist. He has a M.A. in Religion and is currently completing his M.Div degree at Liberty University. Tripp is a progressive evangelical and just started his Ph.D. in Systematic Theology at Claremont. Importantly, both are ordained ministers.

In order for easier reading, I will be posting their responses to this article over the next couple of days; to post it singularly would overwhelm almost every reader. So tomorrow at noon, I will post Kent H's response to the article, and thursday noon, I will post Tripp's response to the article. Friday noon, I will post Kent and Tripp's responses to each other.

I hope you enjoy this series. Please read the linked article and stay tuned!


aznew said...

Are comments or questions approriate, or should the discussion be left to the participants?

Drew said...

Oh, sorry. Questions and comments are most appropriate. And hopefully, Kent and Tripp keep abreast of such, in order to respond with you.