Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Franklin News Post distorts Perriello vote

Good catch by 220South. The Franklin News Post, reporting on Rep. Perriello's vote for S-CHIP, had this misleading headline: Perriello Votes to Double Cigarette Tax. Saith 220South:
The fact that it was actually a bill expanding health care coverage for underprivileged children is apparently not headline-worthy. Interestingly, the meat of the bill is buried toward the end of the article, including the part where Tom rips the decision to include the tax increase ...

Tom voted for S-CHIP because it's the right thing to do. By voting for the bill, which originally did not include the tobacco tax, he was not only honoring a campaign promise, but expanding health coverage to 55,000 Virginia kids. (emphasis mine)
What happened to truth and decency while I was gone?

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Anonymous said...

where have you been?
there is not one spark of truth and honesty puked out by the franklin news post !
i's a political tail kissing rag !