Monday, February 2, 2009

Top Evangelical Sports Stars

Beliefnet has a list of the top dozen evangelical sport stars. Kurt Warner and Tim Tebow are no brainers, but the rest of the list, covering a wide array of sports, was interesting. Money quote:
Even if you stay home on Sunday to watch football, skip Tuesday night prayer meeting for the baseball game of the week, and miss Saturday's church retreat in favor of a pro golf tournament--chances are, you'll still hear about Jesus. Evangelical athletes populate the major sports, and many of them enjoy the chance to be outspoken about their faith--thanking God for that winning field goal, late-inning homerun, or 18-foot putt.


Darren Staley said...

I think my position on this would be obvious: why didn't God help Warner win the Super Bowl?

Did Warner do something bad on Saturday and Harrison sometyhing so holy that caused the INT TD?

Katie said...


I think the answer to that is pretty clear. At least, from where I sit, it's obvious.

God is a Green Bay Packers fan.

God knows it's important for us to be humble, so we don't win every game. But don't be fooled.


Z Williams said...

Darren -

With all due respect sir, let's consider for just one second that you believe that there is a God and the God of the Christian Bible portrays Him correctly.

Now with this in mind, let's discuss God's view of this entire situation. Kurt Warner is a confessing Christian, so there is something about his situation that gives God the benefit of self-exaltation. God controls sovereignly whatever He chooses to control. He uses whatever He chooses to use to bring glory to His name, scriptures indicate this in several places.

If the basis of who deserved the win by who is more holy or who is more sinful, the basis could not be more unfair. Both parties identified are completely depraved and desperately in need of God. In the Bible, we see that God chooses to whom He has grace on. This is an act solely dependent on God's sovereign choice. If the discussion of who would win was based on who was better, we would see that God respects no one and that we are all completely the same in His eyes (Romans 2:11, Acts 10:34-35), no matter how sinful.

Now, still considering that the Christian Bible portrays God correctly, let's examine why this is.

A loving God cannot send a person to hell if His only attribute was love, because then God could "love away" our sins/mistakes.

But God's proper establishing attribute is holiness, therefore He cannot place Himself in the presence of sin. Since God cannot be around sin, then that makes us out of luck, because we are sintattered.

That means that God had to do something about it, a price had to be paid, so He sent His Son to pay the bloodprice for those who would be saved.

I'm not of high intelligence, but this is the defining factor of Christianity above all the world religions. Christianity says that man can't do it at all, so GOd did it for us. Everyone else states that man can be better than God.

In my personal opinion, GOd desired to reveal something to Kurt Warner and humble him, but that's my opinion. My encouragement for Kurt would be to read James 1:2-4.

My encouragement for you Darren is to read the scriptures and ask questions, because there are answers.


Drew said...

I think that Jim Evans' quote in my post Theology of Sports is spot on:

God does not take sides. God doesn't care who wins or loses. Like all things in life, God is mostly concerned about the way we play the game.