Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Perriello on the Frontline

The DCCC's Frontline program is designed to help solidify support for vulnerable Democratic incumbents, and today the DCCC announced their Frontline members. In Virginia, two congressmen, Reps. Connolly (VA-11) and Perriello made the list. The list is comprised of 40 incumbents, almost 30 of which are freshman members, many of whom won in Republican-leaning districts last year. According to The Hill:
Frontline gives those most susceptible to Republican challenges added supervision and measurable goals as they prepare for the 2010 elections. Members of the program will be pushed to focus on fundraising and outreach efforts.
We know that the Republicans are salivating at the opportunity to bring down Rep. Perriello. Both the Freedom's Defense Fund - who just came out with a second anti-Tom ad - and the NRCC have already aired ads against our congressman. In light of these ads, Roanoke blogger fromtheeditr states:
Fact is, the attack--done in some truly dim-witted, low-brow ads that look like they were made in somebody's garage and featuring the boys from the corner bar--goes after Perriello for some of the strongest and most popular parts of the bill, the parts that create jobs and help people directly. Even the criticisms that sound legit are so twisted that you'd never recognize them in the bill.

My guess is that Perriello terrified them and they want to get started early trying to soften him up for the next election.
Well said, and yep, they are trying to discredit Rep. Perriello. To come full circle, that is exactly why he made the Frontline.

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