Saturday, February 28, 2009

Memo to Virgil Goode

Mary Ann Akers, The Sleuth of the Washington Post, criticizes Goode for galavanting around the district touting, with photo-ops and poster-sized checks, his lame-duck earmarks (see example). Money quote:
Anyone who has served six terms in the House of Representatives can take credit for bringing home the bacon to his or [her; sic] constituents. And that's exactly what Republican Virgil Goode - after twelve years in Congress - did this week.
The only thing is: Goode isn't the district's congressman. He was defeated in November by Democrat Tom Perriello.
She concludes quoting a DCCC spokesperson:
"Memo to Virgil Goode: You're not in Congress anymore."


JCWhite said...

Nice! Virgil appears to have short term memory usual when it comes to the 5th CD. Of course, should any of these "earmarks" blow up via a scandal, Goode will have no knowledge of them.

James said...

Retire to a good rocker Virgil. We are well represented now.