Tuesday, February 3, 2009

NFL's charity work

Ever wonder what happens to sports memorabilia made for the losing teams, albeit unknown beforehand, of national title championships?

In a partnership with NFL and World Vision, thousands of NFL t-shirts were distributed to poor children in El Salvador. The t-shirts, however, congratulate the Arizona Cardinals for their win in the Super Bowl. Of course, the NFL printed thousands of shirts with both possible outcomes for the Super Bowl, and those shirts that did not correctly display the winning team are, naturally, unsellable. So the shirts are given to charity to help those in need. Saith World Vision's senior director of corporate relations, Jeff Fields:
We work in those very deprived areas and it’s just amazing to see how much need there is. They are living in very poor conditions – no electricity, no running water – and to get a new article of clothing for them is just a huge difference in their lives.
(h/t Chad of Homebrewed Christianity)

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Matt F. said...

Unfortunately, I have heard about this phenomenon for years. Apparently there are entire villages in the third world in which the Buffalo Bills won four Super Bowls in a row. I will be moving to one of them presently.